Cat Suites & Resort Information


Each suite in Poshpaws Luxury Cat Resort is beautifully decorated and comes equipped with: a thermal mattress, faux fur blankets in the cooler seasons, stainless steel food and water bowls, stainless steel litter boxes, and fun, interactive toys.

Custom Interior Suites

All of our suites in Poshpaws, are professionally built, and a minimum of 3’ wide x 3’.5” deep x 4’.2” in height. Our average suite is 4' wide x 3'.5" deep x 4'.5" in height. The majority of our suites, fit two cats very comfortably, and our family suites in the sunset wing, will accommodate up to four cats. 

All suites in Poshpaws are designed for a balance between our guests need for socializing, and their need for privacy. In the event that any of our guests appear to be shy or irritable, we do provide privacy blinds. 

Sound Control Between Suites

All suites have a 4” dividing wall that is insulated with Rockwool Safe'n'Sound insulation. This provides sound control between the suites allowing our guests not to be disturbed by their neighbors.

Venting Windows & Safe Enclosed Balconies

All suites in Poshpaws have a venting window, and most suites, have a safe, enclosed balcony, which are available throughout the year, weather permitting. On beautiful days, your friend can enjoy the warm weather and watch the many species of birds and wildlife we are so fortunate to have on our acreage. 

Luxurious Cat Beds & Blankets

Our guest suites are equipped with an XL- thermal bed and a luxurious faux fur blanket. 

Note: All beds, blankets, toys, litter boxes & food bowls, are sanitized between guests with a veterinarian approved cleaning product.

Senior Cats

Poshpaws caters to the senior guests. For these special cats, we can offer a low profile litter box, for ease of entry and exit, and extra plush bedding. 

When required, we include stairs in their suite to facilitate movement. Our senior cats often enjoy the lower suites due to the infloor heat.

Extras To Ensure Our Guests are Content

To ensure our guests are as content as possible, while on their holiday at Poshpaws, we use veterinarian recommended products, such as Feliway (cat pheromones) and icalmcat (calming cat music) as a standard practice. The combination is extremely successful in settling-in our guests and contributing to a low stress environment. 

We provide stimulating and enticing toys, and of course, organic catnip and honey suckle, to keep our guests very, very content. 

We strive to provide your friend and family member a relaxing, but yet, an enriching environment. 

Diet, Treats & Filtered Water

As all our guests are on different diets, and since, their diets cannot be easily modified, we ask the cat guardian(s) to supply the food and/or supplements for the duration of their stay at Poshpaws.

We at Poshpaws, supply healthy cat treats, providing your loved one is not on a restricted diet; does not tolerate treats well, or at the request of the cat guardian(s).

Grooming & Nail Trimming

We at Poshpaws, offer complimentary nail trimming, when requested, and brushing, providing your cat is receptive to the idea. We want our guests to enjoy their stay at Poshpaws, and we will not provide a complimentary service, such as brushing or nail trimming, if your friend does not approve, or if we feel that it may cause any stress to your loved one. 

Litter Boxes & Maintenance

All our guests have an XL stainless steel litter box, which are cleaned once per day, or as required. Suites with two or more cats have their litter box cleaned twice per day, or as required. 

Our round the clock presence on the property ensures the comfort and safety of all our guests.

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