Frequently Asked Questions

Questions & Answers

Question 1. Is Poshpaws located in a seperate building on your property, or inside your home?

Answer: Poshpaws Luxury Cat Resort, is located in a seperate building on our property, just a few meters from our house. The building was professionally renovated to be a luxury cat hotel, and built to the highest standards, for the enjoyment, comfort and safety of our guests. 

Question 2: Is Poshpaws a licensed and insured facility?

Answer: We are a fully licensed facility through Rockyview county and we are insured. 

Question 3: How many cat suites does Poshpaws have?

Answer: Poshpaws Luxury Cat Resort, has 24 cat suites. 

The Stable Wing has 4 suites; the Cherry Tree Wing has 10 Suites; the Pine Tree Wing has 8 Suites, and the Sunset Wing, has 2 family suites.

All the cat suites in Poshpaws Luxury Cat Resort have a venting window and the majority of the suites have a safe, enclosed balcony.

Question 4: Do the cats come out of their suite, and how often?

Answer: The cats do come out of their suites and the frequency is often dependent on their personality. Most of our cat guests like to leave their suite, and explore Poshpaws. However, we do have cats, often senior cats, that like to watch the birds and are not as interested in leaving their suite. 

We encourage all the cats to venture out of their suite, although, we would never force them to do anything they do not want to do.

Depending on how many cats we have staying at Poshpaws, it could range from 30 minutes per day up to over 12 hours per day. 

Question 5: Do you provide updates about our cat(s)?

Answer: Yes, we provide regular updates and since we love taking photos of the cats, you can expect to get photos, with some of those updates, as well.

Question 6: Is Poshpaws Luxury Cat Resort an exclusive cat hotel?

Answer: Yes Poshpaws is a hotel for cats, and only cats. In addition, we do not have any dogs as pets, and there are no dogs on our property.

Question 7: What do we need to bring?

Answer: We request our cat parents to bring their cat's food, perhaps a favorite toy, and something with your scent on it, such as a pillow case, blanket or an article of your clothing. We believe this helps your friend settle in faster.