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About Poshpaws Luxury Cat Resort


  • Luxurious, private, cat suites with venting windows.
  •  Safe, enclosed, outdoor balconies – open weather permitting throughout the year.
  • Feliway®, iCalmCat®, Kooky Catnip, enticing toys & more.
  • A focus and commitment to a calming, but enriching environment for cats, and exclusively cats.
  • Designed with an emphasis on energy efficiency, indoor air quality & environmentally friendly products.
  • Poshpaws Luxury Cat Resort is Green Business Certified through B green, formerly known as the Institute for Green Business Certification.
  • Designed & built with veterinary oversight.


Beautiful Country Setting

Poshpaws Luxury Cat Resort is conveniently located five minutes from Calgary's NW city limits, in the beautiful, picturesque community of Bearspaw. 

Poshpaws is situated on 6 serene acres, where only the sounds of birds and the rustling leaves can be heard. The acreage is home to a few resident squirrels and rabbits that can often be seen gathering food from around the property, or under one of the many bird-feeders. 

Bearspaw is an ideal location for our cat guests, as they have fresh air; a variety of species of birds to watch, as well as the opportunity to view other wildlife that frequent our property, such as deer and moose.


Poshpaws Philosophy

Designed by Myrna and Kevin who combined their love of cats, with Myrna's love of the building industry, especially in building green, to create Calgary’s most luxurious cat hotel. 

To provide their cat guests with the best of care, Myrna is a Fear Free Certified professional who has specific training in helping alleviate fear, anxiety and stress in pets. 

Myrna and Kevin are committed to providing a beautiful, safe, peaceful, but yet, an enriching environment for cats while they are away from their family and on their holiday at Poshpaws Luxury Cat Resort.

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