Reservation Form & Resort Information

Poshpaws Reservation Form (pdf)


Poshpaws Resort Information (pdf)



Important Information When Making Reservations at Poshpaws Luxury cat Resort

All cats arriving at Poshpaws Luxury Cat Resort, must be in good health, and be free from any communicable diseases or illness. 

To ensure the health of our guests, we require an up-to-date vaccination record, for the following:  

  • FVRCP - Mandatory for all our cat guests and a copy of the certificate or invoice must be provided prior to your cat's vacation. 
  • Feline Leukemia (FeLV)  - recommended
  • Current Rabies - recommended

Veterinary Care:

Any cat requiring medical attention, will be taken to the cat guardian's preferred veterinarian, if possible. 

To provide your cat with the best-of-care, the veterinary clinic of your choice, must be within a five mile radius of Poshpaws. If not, he/she will be taken to one of our closest veterinary clinics, or to VCA Canada Western Veterinary Specialist and Emergency Centre

Veterinary charges will be at the cat guardian's expense. Every effort will be taken to contact the cat parent(s) prior to any needed diagnosis or treatment.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide accommodation for cats with severe kidney disease requiring sub-cutaneous fluids, or any cats with serious health concerns, including diabetic cats.

For the convenience of our clients we accept, VISA, M/C, E-Transfer, and Cash.

Please contact 403-374-6070 or for reservations, or if you have any questions, that we can assist you with.